What does nearshore mean, and why it’s the best alternative for my projects?

We are sure you have heard the term “nearshore” all the time. But, what really is it about? And, how can nearshore solutions save you a ton of money?

By definition, nearshore outsourcing is the practice of getting work done or services performed by people in neighboring countries rather than in your own country. This business model is being adopted by companies around the world, in order to keep costs low, and run an efficient operation.

In Comulink, nearshore services is what we do. When it comes to web, apps and miscellaneous software development, we are the ones fit for the job.

Our business approach is simple:  We are located within the Pacific Standard Time Zone, during most of the year, so we can work at your pace if you are located, let’s say, at Silicon Valley.

If your business is located in Europe or Asia, we will be taking care of your project while you sleep. We love getting things done, just as much as you do!

But actually, for us, time zones are irrelevant. We are committed to provide 24 hour full support. Whenever you need it, no excuses.

Forget about outsourcing to India, Mexican nearshore solutions are way far more cost effective. Our rates are highly competitive, and the quality of our work is top notch.

We are based in Hermosillo, capital of the state of Sonora, in Northwestern Mexico. Our strategic location will allow you to get to our city by plane from basically all over the world. This thriving town has a vast array of hotel options, fascinating gastronomy, lots of nightlife and entertainment choices, in one of the safest zones in our country.

We have made great efforts, in order to hire the best developers available. Also, we scout for bilingual personnel exclusively, and our cultural background is Western oriented.

In conclusion, geographic proximity means that travel and communications are easier and less expensive, there are likely to be at least some commonalities between the cultures, and people are more likely to speak the same language. That’s what nearshore is all about.

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